Oils & Babies

It always makes me wonder why most parents will buy any baby product to use on their little one without even thinking twice about its contents. But to use essential oils on their baby? No way!   Why??? Why would we lather their little bodies with soaps filled with chemicals and fragrance that dry out … Continue reading Oils & Babies

Laundry Room Makeover

You want to makeover your cleaning routines because you’re worried about breathing in harmful chemicals. You throw out all of your store-bought cleaners and make the switch to easy DIY recipes. So now you’re done right? Your home is toxin free? But what about your laundry room? This, for me, was first on the list … Continue reading Laundry Room Makeover

100 Uses For The Top 10 Oils

So, you have just received your Home Essentials kit, or your Essential Collection kit, and you’re wondering “now what?” First step…OPEN YOUR BOTTLES!! Put them in a place where you will see them every single day. Keeping them in a cupboard turns into “out of sight, out of mind” and these oils deserve love, respect … Continue reading 100 Uses For The Top 10 Oils

Get to the Root of It

Losing your hair sucks. Sometimes you lose your hair due to poor diet, stress, anxiety, medical conditions, or after having a baby. What can we do about it?? Well, you can pull a Britney and just shave your head, OR, you can take your hair loss into your own hands and do something about it! … Continue reading Get to the Root of It

Skincare with Veráge™

Our skin tells our story. Every laugh line shows our happy moments. Our wrinkles show our concerns, worries and age. Scars are our battle wounds and, hopefully, have an awesome story to accompany them.   Why not show our self-love by taking care of our skin?   Veráge is a top-notch skincare line that is … Continue reading Skincare with Veráge™

Sienna’s Birth Story

For two years I have been thinking about writing this down. For two years I have been collecting my thoughts, and honestly, my memory of this day. Every time I think about what happened that day, I cry a little and hug my baby girl tight. This is the story of how Sienna came into … Continue reading Sienna’s Birth Story