How I got rid of my headaches – My “AHA” Moment

Have you ever had an “AHA” moment?

One where you actually stop and say, “AHA!”, or “Crikey!”, or even, “HOLY SHIT!!!!”?

In dōTERRA, we talk a lot about our “AHA!” moments. Our story if you will. 

When I began building my business, I was told to think of my story, and that’s how I would sell these oils. 

I actually had a few stories – like the best teething relief ever – but recently, I realized what my big one was. 

I have lived with headaches for as long as I can remember. I took a lot of pills for a lot of years, and it got the point that the pills didn’t do much anymore. I wasn’t finding that relief I once obtained. 

I began going to a chiropractor regularly when I was 27, and it did help with my headaches, but not as much as I had hoped. 

After we bought our house in 2013, the headaches were getting worse and became longer and more intense. I would wake up with a headache and go to bed with a headache. It wasn’t fun to live with, and since pills were no longer working for me, I started to seek out alternatives. 

I bought my first bottle of Essential Oil in the winter of 2014 when I was pregnant with our first daughter. It was a bottle of Eucalyptus from Shopper’s Drug Mart. It smelled so bad I think I only used it once or twice, and all it did was make my headache worse. 

Months later, I stopped by a store in the mall that sells oils and grabbed something different for my headaches. It was OK, nothing spectacular. It did ease the pain a bit, but not enough to be all, “OMG! I need this in my life!!!”

Then I went to my first dōTERRA class. 

The woman talked about oils for emotions, skincare, cleaning, and overall health and wellness, but I was hooked when she started talking about pain. 

She passed around this tiny bottle called Deep Blue and I put one drop on my neck and rubbed it in. Within 10 minutes I felt my headache lessening, and the muscles in my neck start to relax. That night I purchased a kit – plus three additional oils – and life changed. 

I began paying attention to the products we were using on our bodies and in our home.

I began looking at labels and I remember being horrified by the ingredients. 

The fact that fragrance* was the top ingredient in so many of our favourite products was extremely scary to me. 

**(Fragrance is an umbrella statement and it can cover hundreds of ingredients that the manufacturer does not have to disclose on the label. These ingredients can have side effects like infertility and even cancer.)

We began diffusing instead of burning candles. I started making my own cleaners and skin creams. We switched our super fragrant shampoo, conditioner and body wash to dōTERRA, and we became even more aware of what we were putting on and in our bodies. 

We have now lived like this for the past four years. 

Recently I was doing a wellness consult, and we were talking about our LifeLong Vitality (LLV) supplements, and I was saying how my headaches became almost non-existent once I began taking them daily. 

I gave all of the credit to LLV. 

Then, while chatting in that call, I had my big “AHA!!” moment. 

We had stopped burning candles four years ago. We threw out all of our air fresheners and plug-ins.  

We stopped using chemical-laden cleaners, and soaps, and shampoos. 

Here I was, crediting my headache-free life to my daily supplements – which definitely do play a huge part – but we had made a lifestyle change around the same time I began taking the supplements, and I was feeling the physical benefits from it. 

All of those candles, cleaners, and heavily – and synthetically – scented products I was so used to being around were causing me physical pain, and I had lived like that for almost my whole life. 

Four years ago, I began to make the switch to more natural, clean products for the health of our girls. Little did I know that I was improving my own health in such a huge way. 

FYI – I still get headaches occasionally, but they happen when the weather is about to shift, when I’m overly tired, or because I still carry all of my tension in my shoulders and neck. Luckily for me, I still have a huge love for Deep Blue so those headaches aren’t anything that is going to knock me down.