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When I started purchasing dōTERRA, I had zero interest in doing it as a business. That was part of the reason why I purchased my first kit. There was zero pressure to sell anything. 

Some companies only give you the discounted price when you sign up to sell the product. With dōTERRA, I got the discount but without needing the monthly minimum in sales. 

I started off by using the oils for two full years before the thought of selling even crossed my mind. It was actually my husband – after hearing me talk to my neighbour about them – that suggested me doing it as a business. 

The truth is, I was already selling the oils. But I wasn’t making any money from it. Instead, I was telling people all about them and then sending them to find their own Wellness Advocate. 

In the end, I was doing the work for someone else, and it was horrible. 

Once I made the decision to jump into the business end of it, I started teaching classes, sampling, and educating whenever I could. 

I worked around our family schedule, after the kids went to bed, and during naptimes. 

That is the beauty of Network Marketing. You can decide how many hours you want to put into it but be aware that minimum work results in minimum compensation. 

This is not a “get rich quick” type of business. It requires hard work, a no-quit attitude, and a ton of self-motivation. 

Who Qualifies As A Wellness Advocate?

Everyone! Well, there are a few limitations. 

First, you must be at least 18 years old and have your own dōTERRA account.

This is as easy as paying the $42 enrollment fee ($35 if you are in the United States) or by purchasing an enrollment kit*. (Check them out here)

I prefer to purchase the kit for two reasons:

  1. You’re getting the best value for your dollar, and
  2. Now you have products to use, both for yourself, and for samples. 

Second, it is super beneficial to use and love the dōTERRA products every day.

This helps you to learn about the products, but it also gives you a story to tell. Selling can feel extremely yucky when you are trying to sell something that you don’t love and use for yourself. 

Having your own story about the oils will give you something to talk about, and it will show others that these beautiful brown bottles are more than just a pretty smell. 

The one story I love to tell is about our middle daughter, and how we used oils on her to ease the discomfort of teething. Our oldest would get Tylenol every night before bed and that would help for a few hours. With our second, she would get oils rolled on her jawline, sleep all night long, and we would find new teeth a few days later. 

Third, in order to receive commissions, you must be a part of our Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). 

This is an auto ship program that I prefer to call my Monthly Wellness Box. 

Every active Wellness Advocate must commit to purchasing 100PV (points value) per month. Each product has a point value attached to it, and that is usually very close to the dollar amount of the product. 

While this may seem like a lot, by reallocating where you spend your money each month, this is easy to achieve.

For example, I used to purchase all of our daily use items, such as shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, face wash, etc, from the local drugstore or even the grocery store. By simply switching to purchasing from dōTERRA instead, I am spending around the same amount of money each month, having it delivered to my door or mailbox, and I am also using a much cleaner product now that is not filled with harmful chemicals and toxins. 

There are so many more benefits to the LRP, including free monthly gifts, that you can read about on my Monthly Wellness Box post

Fourth, you must be true to yourself.

When I began, I saw all of these successful women doing what I do, but they were so different from me. 

They were vegan (I love meat), extremely religious (I go to church when I can, but definitely not weekly), and overall living a very healthy lifestyle (I was making a lot of poor choices for a long time in my life). 

I remember thinking to myself, “There is no way I will ever be that successful. They are not like me at all!”

In the end, I think that is a good thing! Those women will attract their types of people, and I will attract mine. I’m here for the moms who order pizza weekly, enjoy some adult beverages from time to time, and who don’t mind the F-bomb being dropped here and there, but mostly here!

The biggest thing to remember is to not try to morph into something you are not. That is the worst type of business person. When you stay true to yourself, you will attract the right type of people that you want to work with. 

Fifth, and last, you must have a passion for what you do.

This is true in any aspect of your life, but it is such a huge part of Network Marketing. 

If you don’t have passion, it will be very easy for you to quit the first time someone says no or calls your company a “scheme”. 

Having passion and trust in your business gives you the fight you need to keep going when it isn’t easy. This does not mean you get to fight everyone that talks down on your dreams. It simply means that you have the strength to persevere through the rough times. 

What Are The Benefits of Being A Wellness Advocate?

There are many benefits to joining dōTERRA as a Wellness Advocate, but my favourite part is having the chance to help others.

Giving someone a sample for an ailment they have, and then receiving that text or email a week later telling me that it worked is the most amazing feeling! To me, that is truly the best reason to be a Wellness Advocate. 

In addition to feeling awesome about helping others, there are the tangible rewards as well, such as monthly and weekly payouts. 

Wellness Advocates that have purchased their monthly 100PV order can qualify for their Unilevel commission. 

This is paid out monthly and includes a percentage of each person’s purchases in your organization, up to seven levels. Unilevel can get a little tricky to explain, but dōTERRA explains it perfectly here

We also have something called Fast Start, which can pay you up to 20% on new members purchases in their first sixty days. 

If you sign up Molly with an order that is 200PV, you will receive a check for $40. If Molly goes on to make more purchases in her first two months, you will receive 20% for each order. 

In the beginning I really benefitted from seeing it all laid out before me, and you can see that here

Once you start getting higher in rank, you may also qualify for things like Diamond Summit, Sourcing Trips or Incentive Trips. 

This is dōTERRA’s way of showing recognition where it is due, and I have never heard anyone complain about any of these trips. 

Ready To Get Started? 

Send me an email at and we can chat further about everything in more detail. 

It doesn’t matter if you are reading this in Canada where I am, or the US, Australia, or Europe. As long as we can communicate enough to understand each other, I can assist you in getting your oil business started and thriving!