Monthly Wellness Box

In our world of online shopping, there is nothing better than subscription boxes. 

The problem I find with them though, is you don’t get to pick exactly what you receive. Generally you will fill out a survey based on your needs, and they will send what they think you want. 

Luckily, dōTERRA offers a monthly subscription box that is completely customizable every single month. 

The Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is a monthly autoship that you can customize, process on the day you choose, and have shipped directly to your door.

With this program also comes some amazing benefits, so let’s get into that. 

Free Product of the Month (POM)

When you create your Monthly Wellness Box, you have the opportunity to qualify for a free oil every month. 

In order to receive this freebie, your LRP must process by the 15th of the month, and be a minimum of 125PV. 

PV means Points Value, and each product dōTERRA sells has a PV attached to it that is close to the dollar amount. 

For example, the wholesale price of Lemon is $14 and has a PV of 11.5. 

It is important to pay attention to the PV when qualifying for free products or commission, which you can read about here.

Reward Points 

With LRP, you can receive rewards points to be used for future orders. 

This happens in stages, starting with 10% back, all the way up to 30% back. 

To break it down, for the first three months of qualifying orders you get 10% back of your total PV. Months 4-6 you get 15% back, months 7-9 is 20% back, months 10-12 is 25%, and once you hit month 13 you lock in at 30% back. 

A qualifying order is a minimum of 50PV to keep moving up in rewards levels, and also to earn rewards back on that order. 

For example, if you place an order of 50PV in March for your first Monthly Wellness Box, and then in April place an order of 30PV, you will receive 11 points in March (10% + full shipping…more on that in a minute), but only 6 points in April (shipping points only). It will also take a minimum of four months to move to the next level of 15% back. 

One thing to remember about your points is that if you cancel your LRP, you will lose all of the points you have earned. That being said, if there is a month that you don’t need anything, you should still place an order that has a very low PV, such as a lipbalm, to keep your points and stay at your earning level.

Free Shipping

dōTERRA is awesome enough to give us back our full shipping cost in points with our Monthly Wellness Box. 

In Canada, our lowest shipping cost is $5.99 for standard delivery. That means every month I get 6 points added to my account to cover shipping fees. 

If I decide that I need my order sooner, I can pay $19.99 for express shipping and receive 20 points back.

It is only with the LRP that you receive full points for your shipping costs, and it does not apply for one time orders. 

Choose What You Want To Purchase Each Month

Like I stated above, your Monthly Wellness Box is completely customizable by you. 

Just because you ordered Peppermint Oil last month, does not mean you have to get it again this month. 

You have up until 11:59pmMST the night before your order processes to make any changes.

Redeeming Points 

Once you have enough points to start redeeming, it will show in your shopping cart. Unfortunately, you cannot use points for an item and pay the difference if you don’t have enough. 

If you have 15 points and there is a bottle of Lemon and a bottle of Frankincense in your cart, it will show an option beside Lemon to use points, but not Frankincense. 

There are very few items that you cannot use points to purchase, such as diffusers, Limited Time Offers, and BOGO deals. 

Also remember that once you redeem points for an item, that PV no longer counts towards your total, so if you are looking to get the POM, make sure your cart is still at 125PV after you redeem the points.

As a head’s up, there is a $4 redemption fee when using your points. dōTERRA still has to pay someone to pick and package your order, and $4 is extremely fair when you can be receiving $100 in free product. 

How Can I Justify Ordering Monthly?

If you are a lady reading this, you know almost every husband will ask this question at some point. And if not, you may be asking yourself this question. 

In our case, and the case of most that use the LRP, we have simply reallocated where we spend our money. 

My Monthly Wellness Box generally consists of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand wash, daily supplements, skin care, toothpaste, and a few oils. 

These mostly are items that we have to purchase anyway, and we used to buy at the drug store or grocery store. Now I have simply stopped buying them there and started buying from dōTERRA. 

Not only do I get them shipped to my house – for free – and receive points back, but I also have peace of mind knowing that the products I use on my entire family are free from chemicals and harmful toxins. 

How Do I Get My Own Monthly Wellness Box?

This is the easy part. Either reach out to the person who got you started with dōTERRA, or, if you don’t have your own account yet, send me an email at We can have a chat about why you want to use oils, and we can get you started right away. 

The hard part is deciding what will go on your first LRP order because you will be so excited!