Bath Salts

This is probably the easiest and least time consuming recipe to make!

All you need is two ingredients, plus your favourite Essential Oils.

Here’s what you are going to need….

Epsom Salts

Liquid Coconut Oil

Essential Oils

Glass Jar (this one from Ikea would be big enough to make bath salts for up to 16 baths)


Mix 7 cups Epsom Salts, 1.5 cups of Liquid Coconut Oil and 30-50* drops of your desired Essential Oil(s) in a stainless steel or glass mixing bowl.

*Start with 30 and give it a smell. If you feel like you need to add more, go ahead! It may seem like a lot, but it will be spread over 16 baths!!

Once thoroughly mixed, pour into your glass container to store.

To use….

Simply pour half a cup into the running bath water, get in, and enjoy the aroma and soothing effects on your body!

Try some of these blends in your bath….

~ 15 drops Lavender, 8 drops Cedarwood, 7 drops Vetiver for some pre-bedtime relaxation

~ 10 drops AromaTouch, 20 drops Copaiba to help soothe sore muscles and joints

~ 10 drops Lavender, 10 drops Geranium, 10 drops Clary Sage for hormonal balance

Once you get your bath salts made, post it on your Instagram stories and be sure to tag me @ella_and_enna

Happy DIY’ing!