December Promos!!!

December’s wintery breath is already clouding the pond, frosting the pane, obscuring summer’s memory….

Cardamom is 10% Off!

Cardamom is an excellent oil to have on hand in the winter months, AND it’s 10% off in December!
We love this oil when breathing gets heavy, or the girls have coughs that they just can’t shake. 1 drop of Cardamom with 5 drops FCO, and we give them a little chest and upper back massage. The cough is stifled before we know it. 
You can also use Cardamom to aid in digestion, to feel open and clear-headed, or even add to your cooking. 
Grab this oil for 10% off this month and you won’t be disappointed. 

Free Product of the Month – Balsam Fir

Bring the forest inside this winter with Balsam Fir. 
Everyone who receives their Monthly Wellness Box, and places an order of at least 125PV by December 15th will get a free bottle of Balsam Fir. 
Use this oil to make a refreshing room spray, diffuse to create a relaxed atmosphere, or use in a warm bath with Epsom Salts at the end of a long day. 
In addition to this free, and exclusive oil, you will also receive a beautiful white Dolomite ornament to hang on your Christmas tree. Add a few drops of Balsam Fir to the ornament to bring the scent of a real tree to your artificial one. 

Free with ANY 200PV Order – Frankincense

I think one of my favourite parts of December is receiving my free bottle of Frankincense. 
With any 200PV order by December 31st, you will receive a free bottle of the King of Oils. This applies to enrolment orders as well, so if you don’t have your own account yet, send me an email so we can get you started today. (This is also a great month to start as well because all enrolment kits are 20% off beginning December 4th!)
Frankincense is called the King because it can do anything. If I was only allowed to have 1 oil, this would probably be it. 
From tension, to feelings of anxiousness or overwhelm, to skin issues, this oil is going to cover it all for you!
Keep your nails looking beautiful, your skin hydrated, and your body calm with Frankie this season!

Loving what you see but haven’t begun your oily journey yet?

Just head to the contact page to send me an email. From there, we can book a time to do a little Zoom chat and talk about your needs and wants for essential oils!