January Promos!!!

Happy New Year!! There is so much to share from dōTERRA this month…..

Free POM….

Place your 125PV loyalty order and receive a free bottle Hinoki.

Hinoki is a brand new oil that is not available for purchase, so I’m just learning about it as well. 

Hinoki is a type of Cypress that is considered sacred and only grows in Japan. 
It is often used as building material for palaces, shrines, and temples, as well as in the Japanese plant art of Bonsai. 

So why does this make such an incredible Essential Oil????
It is relaxing, fresh, soothing, comforting, airy, and woody. 
You can use it to soothe the skin (consider adding two to three drops to your dōTERRA hand and body lotion), comfort overworked muscles (dilute with Fractionated Coconut Oil and treat yourself to a massage), and relaxing and refreshing (diffuse, diffuse, diffuse!!)

If you aren’t on LRP yet, or have zero idea of what that even means, reach out and I can walk you through it!!

10% Off….

Start your New Year’s resolutions off with a bang!!
Smart & Sassy is 10% off for the whole month, and this oil fits in perfectly with your health & wellness goals for 2020. 

There are many uses for this oil, but some of the ways I have used this are 👇🏻

~ Massaging into hips and thighs to help break up cellulite
~ Add 2 drops in an empty Veggie Cap and take twice a day to help boost your metabolism
~ Inhale directly from the bottle (or diffuse) to help cut the unhealthy cravings 

To get this oil, simply add it to your shopping cart and the discount will be applied automatically!!

30% Off….

Game Changer Collection

If you have an athlete in your life, or you just have random pains all the time – hello pregnancy pains!! – this little collection can make the perfect gift for you, or someone else. 

I have been using Deep Blue Rub and Copaiba multiple times per week through this whole pregnancy for all of the random pains I am experiencing. 
Anthony has been putting 5-6 drops of Copaiba on my back with 10 drops of FCO and rubbing it all in, and then he follows with the Deep Blue Rub to drive it into my skin and give me the maximum benefits. 
Peppermint can also be added to this mix as well for extra relief. 

Find this collection on your personal shop page under “Special Offers > While Supplies Last” and save yourself almost $35!!

30% Off….

Sweet Dreams Collection 

If you are someone who LOVES your sleep, but find that sometimes you need a little extra help winding down, get your hands on this collection!!

Each one of these oils is amazing for sleep, either for yourself our your little ones, so with one kit you can cover everyone in the home!!

Roll Calmer on the bottoms of your littles ones feet, and on the inside of their wrists to help them relax after a crazy day. 

I love to diffuse Serenity with Roman Chamomile on the nights that I cannot calm my brain down, and they are both super useful if you happen to clench your jaw or grind your teeth at night.
Just add one drop of each to your palms, cup hands over nose, and deeply inhale 2-3 times. Rub the remainder on your jawline and back of neck for extra relief. 

Until January 15, you can save almost $50 by purchasing all 4 of these oils together. 

New People….

Are you brand new to dōTERRA and love free stuff??

Start your dōTERRA account in January with a 100PV order, place your 100PV LRP order in February, and get 100 FREE product points to buy whatever you want in March!! Email me to find out how to take advantage of this amazing promo!

Loving what you see but haven’t begun your oily journey yet?

Just head to https://ellaandenna.com/book-a-call-with-me/ and schedule in a time for a little face to face online chat, or if you are in the Hamilton ON area, send me an email at ellaandenna@gmail.com and we can do it face to face for real!!