June Promos!!!

Welcome June….The days get hotter, and the nights get longer

200PV Promo

3…2…1….Breathe friend, BREATHE. 

It’s time to step into this next season taking a deep breath as doTERRA is completely spoiling you this month! 

Pick your FREEBIES! 

1️⃣ Place an order of 100 PV or more, you will get a FREE Easy Air Touch! 

This prediluted roller of our famous Respiratory Blend is perfect for on-the-go and is great for little ones or sensitive skin as it is already diluted for use!

2️⃣ Place a 200 PV order in the month of June you will get the full “Ready, Set, Refresh” bundle listed below:

✅  dōTERRA Easy Air 10 mL Touch
✅  dōTERRA Easy Air 15 mL
✅  Peppermint 10 mL Touch
✅  Peppermint 15 mL

What in the what?! You will be breathing easy all summer long thanks to this amazing promotion!

Ready to get started and receive these 4 items free??

Grab your kit here and have it at your door in a few days!

Melissa is 10% off!!

If you have been waiting to purchase Melissa, June is the perfect month as it is our 10% off item. Enjoy this incredible immune supporting oil all month long at 10% off. 

👉 Melissa has a large array of uses and benefits. Most notably, Melissa has been known to support the immune system, as well as the nervous system. When taken internally it will support a healthy inflammatory response.

For a grounding atmosphere, to your diffuser add:
💧 1 drop Melissa
💧2 drops Frankincense
💧1 drop Lavender
💧2 drops Cedarwood

Other ways to use Melissa…..

~ Dilute and apply to spine when under the weather 
~ Dilute and apply to the back of neck and ears, diffuse, or apply to roof of mouth and hold for 5 seconds to ease sad feelings
~ Dilute and apply to dry, troubled skin
~ Put 2 drops in a veggie cap, or dilute and rub over abdomen for menstrual issues

Free Product of the Month – Wild Orange

When you place a 125 PV Loyalty Rewards order by June 15th, you will receive a Wild Orange for free as your June Product of the Month (POM). 

🍊 Wild Orange is perfect for keeping surfaces in your home clean. I highly recommend it for the kitchen diffuser (add in Peppermint) for a 3 PM pick me up.

Other uses for Wild Orange….

~ DIY glass cleaner….in a glass spray bottle, mix white vinegar and water (half & half), and add 15 drops Wild Orange. Clean windows, mirrors, and even stainless steel 
~ Diffuse or inhale from cupped hands to ease feelings of stress, fear, anxiety, or irritability 
~ Add 2 drops to a veggie cap or diffuse if you are feeling a lack of energy, creativity, or productivity
~ If you experience digestive issues due to anxious feelings, take 2 drops in a veggie cap, or inhale from cupped hands
~ Add 2 drops to a veggie cap with 1 drop Ginger if you’re experiencing heartburn 

New Permanent Product Alert!!!

Just when you think you can’t get any more good news for June, dōTERRA announces there will be not one, but TWO new permanent products added to the family!

1️⃣ Citrus Bloom 15 mL will now be available FOR-EV-ER. 👏👏👏 This is quite possibly the best news as I normally hoard my Citrus Bloom like it’s nobody’s business year round for fear it might run out! The Bloom is back, baby!

2️⃣ Northern Escape 15 mL will also be an item here to stay! Northern Escape is a grounding, yet inspiring aroma that makes you feel as though you’re walking through the woods. And now the walk never has to end. BEST. NEWS. EVER!

Loving what you see but haven’t begun your oily journey yet?

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