October Promos!!!

Summer has come to an end, and a new season in our life has begun.

Rose Touch is 15% Off!

Yes, you saw that right! Rose Touch is 15% off this month!!!
Rose is one of our more expensive oils, but so very handy to own. 
I like using Rose Touch under my eyes every morning to get rid of the “tired look”, or mixed in with my facial moisturizer to make my skin soft, smooth, and pretty ❤️
Rose is also amazing for immune support when you aren’t feeling your best, a subtle pure-fume, or a mood booster when you are feeling dark and crappy. 

Free With ANY 200PV Order

There is nothing I love more than a promo that includes EVERYONE!!!
This month you don’t have to be on LRP to get free stuff . All you have to do is place a 200PV order at anytime in October, and all four of these items are yours FREE!!
**PV is not equal to dollars, so make sure you are checking your PV total**

Loving what you see but haven’t begun your oily journey yet?

Just head to the contact page to send me an email. From there, we can book a time to do a little Zoom chat and talk about your needs and wants for essential oils!