What Are Essential Oils?

Before we get started, what are Essential Oils??

The dictionary states that Essential Oils (EOs) are a “natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic fragrance of the plant or other source from which it is extracted”.

I like to refer to them as a daily tool that makes this mama’s life so much easier!

EOs can be used to manage emotions and moods, support a healthy immune system, provide a non-toxic cleaning solution for your home, and more.
And the best part is, you feel more in touch with your body and mind!

Truth is, I’m not big on routine if I don’t have to do it. But making these oils a part of our lives was simple because we wanted to do it!

Just to give you an idea on how we did that…

🌱 We started using Lavender for sleep, and peppermint for head tension

🌱 We ran our kitchen diffuser most mornings, and our bedroom ones every night

🌱 I started to use them to clean, when we were feeling under the weather, and for any minor first aid.

Now, I start every morning with 2 drops of Balance in my palms, take some deep inhales, and then rub the rest on the bottoms of my feet.
We have replaced all of our hair care, oral health products, cleaners, and candles with dōTERRA products.
I make all of our cleaning products now, from glass cleaner, to dishwasher detergent, and even toilet bowl cleaner, and I can honestly tell you that it is so quick and easy! Click here to find out for yourself!!
I used to shudder when our girls would ask if they could help clean, but now I feel totally comfortable in handing them a cloth and a spray bottle and letting them go for it!
It’s a Mom Win every time your kids can help clean!!

You will love everything you can do with these powerful little bottles.
I’ve even compiled a list of 100 ways to use the top 10 oils so you can put them to the best use possible.

Our bodies can do amazing things when supported with the proper tools, so show your body some love and get introduced to dōTERRA.

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